Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No pain

6AM - No pain
When I woke up this morning, the first thing that came to me was that I felt no pain where the surgery was performed yesterday.  That's weird!  There were two anesthetics injected.  One was quick acting and the other long lasting.  It must be that the long lasting one must still be active.  Eventually, there must be pain where a bunch of tissue was cut out with a scissors!

Remember yesterday that a taxi took me from Doctor Bortz to my hotel?  I believe that I left all my doctor papers in that taxi.  These included my next appointment and instructions for post surgical care.  So, today MsTioga and I will drive back to Doctor Bortz to get replacements for those lost papers.  I'll find out then why I have no pain.

5PM - At the Ocean
After we went to the doctor's office, MsTioga and The Team traveled to the Ocean.  We are here on the coast because the weather is so nice.  Not blue sky nice.  Overcast and cool nice!

The people at Doctor Bortz's office told me that it is not unusual for my kind of surgery to have little or no pain.  I was lucky.  My surgery to remove the skin cancer did not go very deep.  That is why I have no pain.