Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ordinary guys

9AM - Not an ordinary guy
I believe that you would describe me as not being an ordinary guy.  I've chosen to live alone because I don't like the conflicts that most relationships endure.  And I have to tell you, that I love living alone.  This is very different than most guys who live with a gal.

Being a fulltime RVer is not ordinary either.  Nearly everybody I know lives in a stick house.  When I consider living in a stick house, the thought of waking up every day in the same place blows me away.  I am approaching nine years being a fulltimer.  Those years have spoiled me a lot!  Being able to move my RV home several times a day is exciting!  I would not give that up for anything.

Did you know that when MsTioga and I get ready to move out that it only takes us seconds to be under way?  All that we have to do is put the computer on the bench seat and the dishes in the sink.  Then we are off!  Of course we always walk completely around MsTioga, both inside and outside looking everything over.  This is a deal that we made with ourselves years ago just to make sure that everything is in place.

4:30PM - A bunch of things
Today we did a bunch of things.  During the morning we slept-in because of staying up late last nite to record one of Robert Redford's last movies, "An Unfinished Life".  It appears as though Robert Redford has retired.

We camped for a few hours at Steamer Lane watching surfers being challenged by a windy day.  Over at the Safeway Store on Mission Street we bought a tray of sushi for supper tonite.  Also filled one of our 5-gallon drinking water bottles.

We are now Camped [here] along West Cliff Drive.  We have been watching a highly talented kiteboarder going back and forth hundreds of times.  He appeared to be struggling against the wind which did not allow him to move east out of the cove where he returned time and time again.  Finally he landed somehow, as we saw his sail go down on the land.  But he was out of our sight so we do not know if he landed safely or not.
George at West Cliff Drive view point