Friday, July 29, 2011

Santa Cuz2

6AM - Santa Cruz
Yesterday afternoon MsTioga and I headed south out of Half Moon Bay.  We nite camped in Santa Cruz.  This morning I have an 8am breakfast date with an old friend at Santa Cruz Diner.  Really looking forward to that.

We left our nite camp a little while ago and drove to West Cliff Drive.  MsTioga is parked only a few hundred yards from the surf.  I walked over near the cliff and watched the waves coming in.

It is not possible for me to completely understand the wonder of my life.   When I think about all the things that I've gone thru lately, it blows me away.  Yet thru all of that, I am still OK.  Still doing fine.  Living the good life.

7AM - The bandage
Yesterday when I talked to Doctor Bortz's office I asked if it was OK to remove the bandage.  I told them that my wound appears to be doing fine.  "Yes, it is OK.  Keep the Polysporin Ointment on the wound."  So, the bandage is now off.  In fact I slept last nite without the bandage and it is off right now.

I am a fast healer!