Wednesday, July 06, 2011


9AM - Do not want a shrink
I have an appointment late this afternoon with a psychologist.  And I am cancelling that appointment.  I made that appointment to get advice whether or not I am depressed and possibly in need of anti-depressant medication.  However, I do not want to take that kind of medication.  I want to deal with how I feel myself.

There are real things going on in my life.  There is the David thing which I am handling well at this time.  There is also the medical thing, which I am working on handling.  The medical thing is a problem for me because I do not live in one place as do most people.  I move around.  And I have been on-the-move lately searching for cooler weather.  This moving interferes with on-going medical treatment.

Take this skin doctoring that I have been receiving lately, for example.  I slowed down moving around waiting for my biopsy results to come in.  Then when those results were received, the skin doctor took another biopsy and told me to wait another 10 days for results.  BS!!  I am not waiting around for 10 more days.  I want to be heading south now.  Heading south along the California coast.

When those biopsy results come in I will figure out how to deal with that then.  For now, I am heading out to search for adventure.

10AM - Berkeley Aquatic Park
You may have noticed in our Google Map that Berkeley's Aquatic Park is close to yesterday's Nite Camp. We decided to go take a look-see at the park. It is hard to drive around inside the park. The street along the water is narrow. We found a place for a Breakfast Camp [here].

Did I ever tell you that I raced my kayak from Berkeley to San Francisco?  That was around 1980.  The race was sponsored by Eppie's Restaurant.  Contestants were supposed to complete the course across San Francisco Bay in a little over an hour.  It took me 2 hours and 21 minutes!  The tide turned as I  passed close to Alcatraz Island and I had to paddle against the current all the way from Alcatraz to San Francisco's Aquatic Park!

11:30AM - Ornery guy!
You may think that I am an ornery guy.  You would be right!  Not only ornery.  But stubborn too.  And at the same time adaptable.  I can change my mind in an instant.  I have to be that way.  Because there is nothing that I can depend on.  Just when I think that I have stuff wired, boom!  Out comes the rug from under my feet and I find myself on my emotional ass!

I know one thing though.  Living in an RV fulltime is just plain wonderful.  I would be miserable staying permanently in one place.  I am too spoiled for that permanent/one place living.
This morning's breakfast

1PM - City of Pacifica
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in the ocean-side City of Pacifica. In fact, the Pacific Ocean is only a couple hundred feet away! Click [here] to see where we are now!

4PM - Pillar Point RV Park
We are dry camped at Pillar Point RV Park which is [here].