Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Smoked salmon

9AM - Smoked salmon
We have pretty much walked all over the Pillar Point Harbor area.  However, on the other side of Hwy #1 there is one place remaining that we want to check out.  That place is "Creekside Smokehouse" [link].

We love smoked fish!  Although Creekside Smokehouse does not open up until noon today, we are going over there for our morning walk anyway.

3PM - Bought smoked things!
I just got back from an afternoon walk over to Creekside Smokehouse.  As you may see in the pic below, I bought three things.  A bit expensive.  But oh!  Soooooo good!
Smoked things!

Supper yesterday evening
Here is a pic of fish and chips that I ate yesterday evening.  Bought right here in the harbor.  Do you see the nice cup of chowder on the left side?

By the way, the movie that I am watching is really good.  "Regarding Henry" starring Harrison Ford and Annette Bening [link].
Fish, chips, chowder and a movie

Partly cloudy