Sunday, July 10, 2011


8AM - Family from Mexico
Yesterday evening I went over to the Santa Cruz Diner for their New York Steak supper.  After supper I returned to MsTioga.  I heard a man outside speaking Spanish.  Looking out the window there was a middle age guy watering the garden in his front yard.  I went out and introduced myself.  We spoke together in Spanish.

 His three year old daughter and wife were there too.  Although all of us are bilingual, we did not speak a word of English.  Our conversation was just like being in Mexico where the families sit out in front of their home during the early evening.

I found out that this guy is a bus driver for the County of Santa Cruz.  He has driven a bus for 20 years.  He was born in the State of Jalisco not far from Puerto Vallarta.  He told me that he loves being in the United States and thinks that Santa Cruz is a great place to live.

12 Noon - Not over until it's over!
Looking back on my past several months, I view how confusing those times were for me.  Right now I understand how important it is for me to reach out to strangers along my path.  However, during my grieving months I stopped doing that.  Why did I hole up inside MsTioga?  Like a hermit I was during those months.

I guess that I could be described as being, "...knocked on my ass!"  I realize now how easy it was for me to slip into looking at things in a negative way.  More than negative.  Many times I really did not want to continue living.  Even though for eight years I lived a great life while moving around as a vagabond, during those recent months I did not believe that I could continue that vagabonding life.

Now looking back in perspective, I realize that it is not over until it is over.

5PM - Exciting Pacific
Have you noticed the feeling of excitement whenever you approach the Pacific Ocean? And some places are more exciting than others! The viewpoint at Natural Bridge is one of those places.

 We are the green arrow [here].
TiogaRV Team at Natural Bridge viewpoint

Saturday, November 03, 2007
My family came to Santa Cruz in 2007 to celebrate several birthdays. I captured David in a pic right here at Natural Bridge just as David captured the bridge!
David captures a Natural Bridge

Blue sky