Saturday, July 30, 2011


7AM - Stories
There is no doubt in my mind that a great love of my life is to watch a story told in a movie.  When movies began being available on VHS tape, I collected them.  Then came CDs and DVDs.  I collected those too.  Finally came the ultimate movie format available online.  I was able to watch an online movie and many times could even save the streaming video to my computer's hard drive.  Wow!  That is Heaven for me.

It seems to me that it is a true miracle that I am able to watch a movie while inside the comfort of MsTioga by using electronic gadgets.  Watching online movies is not free.  I've got to pay for them.  But that's OK by me!

3PM - Playing in the surf
I've been watching some guys playing in the surf. MsTioga is next to West Cliff Drive. Looking at these guys with binoculars, it seems to me that what they are doing is dangerous. But they have been messing around there for about an hour! I guess that it's safe.