Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Street guys

6:30AM - Two street guys
MsTioga and I made a Morning Camp near the Santa Cruz Diner.  A couple of street guys were outside sitting on the parking lot wall of the Kelley-Moore Paint Store.  I went out to talk to them.  It amazes me to find how many street guys turn out to be nice to talk to.  These two spend their nites in a nearby vacant bank and claim the police know about them but leave them alone.  They get their mail at the homeless shelter.

One of these guys earns money doing part-time plumbing.  The other is a pan-handler.  They both had a good sense of humor and joked about the stuff that they do.  After talking with me for half an hour, they walked to the nearby Denny's for breakfast.

12 Noon - Felton
Yesterday afternoon MsTioga and The Team headed up Highway #9 going north from Santa Cruz.  We were thinking about going up to the Town of Felton to have a look-see.  Highway #9 is a lovely drive thru coastal redwood forest.  The coastal redwood is our favorite tree.  The bark on the tree trunk is such a gorgeous brown color!

However, Hwy #9 is a very narrow road.  There are hardly any turn-outs and we came to only one place where we could park.  MsTioga thought it a good idea to turn around and return to Santa Cruz.

This morning on the way to Santa Cruz Diner, we passed Graham Hill Road with a sign stating that this road went to the Town of Felton.  So, we decided to take another crack at heading up to Felton.  We are [here] now and are looking around for a possible place to make a camp.

3PM - Back in Santa Cruz!
MsTioga and I looked at all of the campgrounds near Felton.  Most of them are commercial RV campgrounds located along Highway #9.  The best one is the Henry Cowell State Campground with the entrance at 2591 Graham Hill Road [here].  Henry Cowell has camp sites that are widely separated, unlike the commercial sites where RVs are squished together.  We drove thru Henry Cowell looking at all of the available camp sites.  Yet, we did not stay there!  We returned to Santa Cruz.

For us on the TiogaRV Team, staying in Santa Cruz offers soooooo much.  We are able to travel around making Day Camps next to the ocean.  Or we may go shopping at the many places in this town.  Little Mavicita believes that going to the redwood forests would be a good thing to do for a day trip.  But even Little Mavicita believes that for us, Nite Camping in town is best!

Right now, MsTioga is [here]