Saturday, August 13, 2011


9AM - Benbow
We pulled out of our Nite Camp around 8am and headed north.  MsTioga is now in the tiny town of Benbow.  We have been here many times, and have made camps here too [link].

We are thinking about making a Breakfast Camp here.  Got to look around and explore.

10AM - Breakfast Camp
We have made our Breakfast Camp [here] along a road just above the South Fork Eel River. MsTioga was very surprised to see a sign warning her not to enter this road! There is no practical reason for such a warning. So, we ignored it.

South Fork Eel Breakfast Camp

8PM - Garberville
We found our Nite Camp next to the South Fork Eel River just outside of the Town of Garberville. This place is really quiet for sleeping.

I'm surprised that I never found this camp before!