Monday, August 29, 2011

Bull Creek trail

7AM - Bull Creek trail
Are you wondering what we are going to do today while in the most gorgeous Rockefeller Redwood Forest?  Hmmmmm?  New Mavicita and I are going to hike the fabulous Bull Creek trail.

We found a wonderful website [here] with pics of this trail!

11:30AM - Back from our hike
New Mavicita and I took the the Thornton Trail from Albee Creek Campground and went south to catch the Bull Creek Trail going east.  When we came to Tall Tree, we went north on the Addie Johnson Trail then took Horse Trail back to Albee Creek.

I used a walking stick and it was a lucky thing that I had that stick.  Several vicious attacking fawns came across the trail.  However, when these blood thirsty critters saw my stick, they took off for the safety of the forest!
Bull Creek Trail

5PM - John C. Albee
Being an amateur historian, I'm interested in what has happened before in the places where I camp.  I just read online about the man who lived here on the land now occupied by Albee Creek Campground.

John C. Albee's father was Uriah T. Albee acquired this land along Bull Creek in the late 1800s.  When the father died, John C. moved his family to the Bull Creek property where he engaged in a successful dairy business.  He also grew apples which were known for their quality [link].

I am going to search for those apple trees which should still be growing somewhere around here.
Albee's apples!