Monday, August 01, 2011

Camping Santa Cruz2

7AM - Camping Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz is divided in half with the harbor in the center.  Lately, MsTioga has been camping mostly in the west half.   This morning we are camping [here] in the east half, only a few feet from the harbor.  When I stepped out of MsTioga my feet were on the sand of Twin Lakes Beach.

There are a bunch of trash cans here for beach visitors.  We took the opportunity of emptying our trash.  That was when we noticed a house for sale sign across the street.  The info sheet told that the asking price is $2,999,000.  Wow!  We have a Three Million Dollar view!

In the pano pic below, do you see the lighthouse that marks the harbor entrance?
TiogaRV Team at Twin Lakes Beach

12 Noon - Six million video
Yesterday I made script notes for our Six Million Visits video.  This morning Little Mavicita shot several scenes.  So far, so good!

When I went to edit the video, I found that Microsoft had completely screwed up their current version of Windows Movie Maker by removing many of the editing tools.  By searching on the internet, an old version of Movie Maker was found and downloaded.  Lucky thing!