Wednesday, August 03, 2011


6AM - Changes
The TiogaRV website changes occasionally.   Below our "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" buttons is a link now named, "Nite Camp Location".  We used to call this link "Google Map Location".  Formerly, this link to showed you a map of where we were during the day.  From now on, this link will only show our Nite Camp Location.  When we want to show you where we are during the day, that current location link will be inside the story text.  For example, right now we are [here].

Map Note:  We are the green arrow, not the red arrow.

Other changes
My son David's death led to other website changes.  I stopped my monthly update of "TiogaRV Team Expense Information".  The last update was for August, 2010.  The sole reason for publishing this financial information was to show future fulltime RVers that they could do this life on a low income.

Even though I am no longer updating this info, future RVers may still look at my income and expense information and get an idea of what it costs to do this life.

Another change occurred in my monthly trip plan.  I stopped updating my trip plan in September, 2010.  Actually, my trip plan page really never worked too well because I never really planned my journey.  I just explore by wandering around.

Little Mavicita produced a "Six Million Visit" video which will be published on the day that our website counter rolls over 6 million. This morning when we checked our counter, we were shy 3,591 visits. Our current daily visit average is 3,225. So, it appears that the roll over will happen tomorrow morning.

10AM - Martinez Marina
We are now "medicine-free" - no pending appointments to see a doctor. First time in months! So, MsTioga is thinking about heading north along the California coast.

 We were going to Morning Camp in the Town of Benicia. However, just before crossing the Benicia Bridge across the Suisun Bay, a huge fog bank was observed in the distance.

We decided instead to stay on the sunny south side of the bay and are now Day Camped [here] next to the Martinez Marina.

3PM - Now in Benicia
During the afternoon, the huge fog bank to the north dissipated. So, we crossed to the north side of the bay and are in the Town of Benicia.

There is a place on the east side of the harbor where we have Nite Camped before. Although this place is signed "No Overnight Camping", we should be OK staying the nite. We will move to this Nite Camp after dark. Right now we are [here].