Monday, August 08, 2011


7AM - Changes
We have been to Gualala many times.  On September 18, 2007 we were headed south down the Pacific Coast headed for Concord and son David's birthday.  On this day we found a small dirt road that led to a fine camp near the mouth of Gualala River's south fork.

The other day, MsTioga stopped by that dirt road to take a look.   We found a gate closing off access to this road.  Little by little, things change.

11AM - Viewpoint
MsTioga has stopped [here] at a high viewpoint of the Pacific Ocean.  It is still pretty foggy.  We are able to see the waves and rocky shore below.  However, the mist covers the Ocean and we are only able to see a short distance.  The horizon is not visible.

Little Mavicita captured this pic to share with you how thick is this fog.
Fog over the Pacific

12 Noon - Mr. Datastorm
Reader Birdsongplace asked in ShoutBox about Mr. Datastorm. I remember back in the fall of 2002 when I first read about Motosat Corporation and their Datastorm system.  Back then I was still recovering from cancer.  But I knew as I read about Datastorm, that this system would allow me to be online in the RV that I wanted to buy when I regained my health!

The internet!  What a thing is the internet!  It seems to me to be bigger than the invention of movable type and the printing press.  I recall the early internet when I connected to Compuserve using a dial-up phone connection.  Look how far we have come in only one generation!  Perhaps soon, the entire world may be covered by WiFi.

Now I am only using a little Verizon modem and open WiFi access points for my internet connection.  For about two months now, Mr. Datastorm has been sitting unused on MsTioga's roof.

I am using an open WiFi access point right now to send this post to you from [here].  Amazing!

2PM - Fort Bragg
MsTioga and The Team have made an Afternoon Camp [here] in the City of Fort Bragg.  We believe that our first camp here was on September 19, 2003 when we called this place, "Social Services Camp" because the Social Services building is across the street.  On September 13, 2005 we were here again and called it "Construction Site Camp".  Must have been some building going on here then.

This place has not changed much over the years.

Mostly cloudy