Monday, August 22, 2011


8AM - Compromises
Lately, living in MsTioga has meant making compromises.  One of those is our change-over from Mr. Datastorm to the Verizon modem device.  Mr. Datastorm is great when we are way out in the boondocks.  But not so hot when we are camping beneath trees without a clear view of the satellite.  Verizon is very convenient because it connects in seconds.  No waiting for a satellite dish to rise.  No problems with complicated electronic systems.  However, Verizon is not available everywhere.  So, we must compromise about where we go with Verizon in order to keep connected to the internet.

Another compromise lately has been with storage space.  This came up when we lost our home with son David.  There are several things that we used to store at our home that are now just "hanging out" inside MsTioga.  We have not figured out what to do with these things yet.  So, we compromise by moving them from here to there each day.  As a result, MsTioga has not been completely squared away for months!

Cleaning up when expecting guests
We are expecting guests this morning.  Readers are passing by our camp and wanting to come over to say "Hi" to MsTioga and The Team.  We want to clean up MsTioga and put things away.   It is really something how we get used to stuff just lying around.  But when guests are coming, all of a sudden those "lying around" things stick out like a sore thumb.

In the pic below you see guests/readers, Carol and Richard who are returning to their home in Canada on Harley-Davidson motorcycles!
Carol and Richard visiting MsTioga

12 Noon - Solar charging
MsTioga moved to Panther Flat's picnic area in order to receive maximum solar electricity.  In the location of our Nite Camp, we are underneath the trees.

As you may see, Mr. Sunny has tilted his solar panels.  Right now at this latitude, there is about a 4 amp/hour advantage when the panels are tilted.