Friday, August 19, 2011

Corrosion control2

8AM - Corrosion control
MsTioga always has had difficulties with corrosion.  She has had several radiator and heater core failures due to leaks which were caused by corrosion [rust].  Recently the heater core which had been constructed from aluminum was replaced with a core made of brass.  We believe that this brass solution stopped corrosion attacking the heater core.

Yesterday at Harper Ford, MsTioga learned that her radiator had failed once again.  The radiator is leaking!  This morning a new radiator cap was purchased.  This new radiator cap has a sacrificial anode.

We are all hoping that this sacrificial anode will stop corrosion completely.  But who knows?  Owning MsTioga is a never-ending learning process!

NOTE: We ordered the radiator cap with a sacrificial anode from [here].

12 Noon Patrick's Point
After heading north for several miles, we came to the Patrick Point State Park turnoff.  We had only intended to go into the park for a look-see.  However, the place had so much to offer.  So, we are staying here for the nite.

We found out from the lady ranger that our camping permit entitles MsTioga to stay in the day camping areas for today and tomorrow.  No extra charge!  So, we are now [here].  We are the "green" arrow, not the red arrow.

5PM - A hiking video
New Mavicita and I got ourselves together and produced a video of us messing around in Patrick's Point State Park. Do you want to see it?