Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Doctor appointment

6AM - Doctor appointment
MsTioga headed out of Santa Cruz and is moving north along the coast.  I have a follow-up appointment this afternoon with the surgeon who removed my skin cancer last week.  We will stop for awhile in Half Moon Bay then go north some more to San Francisco, then east to Walnut Creek.

Right now it is 9am. MsTioga has made a camp in order for me to publish this blog post.  The scenic Pigeon Point light house is nearby.
MsTioga and George at Pigeon Point

12 Noon - Walnut Creek
MsTioga has arrived in the City of Walnut Creek and is camped just around corner from our doctor's office. We were on the road six hours to get here and covered 100 miles. That's about 16 miles per hour. MsTioga is a real speed demon!

4PM - Stitches removed!
My stitches have been removed and Doctor Bortz has declared me good-to-go! In about a week Little Mavicita will take a pic so that you may see how well I have healed.