Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dry camps

7AM - Finding dry camps
Reader Chuck emailed asking for advice in finding dry camps in cities.  We call a dry camp any camp that is made in a city or town.  This contrasts to a boondock camp which is made in the wilds.

First off understand that in the United States it is almost always illegal to sleep in a vehicle.  I do not feel that sleeping in a vehicle is wrong.  Just that here in the USA there are laws against it.  So, when an RVer goes to make a dry camp, it must be done in a stealth mode in order to avoid detection.

I much prefer to make my dry camps away from private homes.  Homeowners often report unknown RVs parked in their neighborhood.  Commercial and industrial areas are my favorite places because usually businesses are closed during the nite.  Apartment neighborhoods are good.  I've experienced that people living in apartments are much more tolerant of RVs.

When deciding where to park inside a neighborhood, choose a place next to a high fence or hedge instead of a place that is right in front of a building.  Arrive at your dry camp site after 9pm.  The later, the better.

Right now I am in the City of Fort Bragg.  During the afternoon I drove around getting the feel of this place.  I noticed a sign indicating a hospital nearby.  I like camping near hospitals.  I found a place with a senior citizen facility on one side of the road and apartment houses on the other.  MsTioga is parked adjacent to a large hedge.  Perfect!

The more that you do dry camping, the more skills that you will develop to find good and safe places to stay the nite.  By the way, I never stay in parking lots, Wal-Marts, etc.

11AM - Zillion $Dollar View!
This morning we were looking at our Nite Camp location in Google Maps. By panning around in the map we saw that Fort Bragg's Ocean View Drive went right near the Pacific. So, we took a look-see.

MsTioga is camped right next to the cliff. Of course Little Mavicita went outside to look at the view.

The Visitor
If you would like to watch a movie that I enjoyed very much, please click [here].

The movie is named, "The Visitor".  It is the story of a college professor who is living a sad and lonely life.  He meets an illegal immigrant from Syria, and his life is changed forever.

Note:  Be sure and close the advertisement that comes up, before watching the movie.