Tuesday, August 30, 2011


9AM - Favorite things
This morning I was thinking of the favorite things that I like to do.  You know something?  I like to do almost everything that I have been doing lately!  It is amazing when I think about that!  Especially when considering the emotional depths that I've struggled with since last September when David died.

One of my most favorite things is to get into MsTioga's driver's seat and begin driving.  What is it about just driving that is soooooo wonderful?

Another favorite thing is walking around seeing stuff.  Yesterday afternoon was such a good time just walking around Albee Campground looking for those apple trees.  During that walk I met several people camping and had a great time talking with them.  I met one British couple who were on their honeymoon.  These newly weds had rented a Class-A RV and were celebrating their honeymoon by exploring Northern California.  Can you imagine that!

You may guess that writing my blog and sharing what I am doing is way up there on my list of favorite things.  And you would be right!

4:30PM - Hwy #271 Nite Camp
We have made our Nite Camp on the side of the lightly traveled Hwy #271. Below our camp flows the hardly moving South Fork Eel River. We can only imagine what the South Fork looked like during the great 1964 flood when the river rose to where we are now camped!
River view from our Camp