Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ford dealer

8:30AM - Back to Ford dealer
You may recall that Harper Ford is ordering several parts for MsTioga.  Yesterday afternoon a phone call came in from Harper that all those parts have arrived.  We are scheduled for service tomorrow at 8am.  So, today we are zooming the entire distance of 105 miles back to Harper Ford in Eureka. We want to Nite Camp on Harper's lot.

MsTioga's radiator is being replaced.  The new radiator is made from brass and should not leak as the old one that was made from aluminum did.  MsTioga also has door-lock parts that have worn out.  The power steering high pressure hose is being replaced.  Also, MsTioga wants her thermostat replaced.  There may be some other things too, but I forgot what they are.

Climbing on to MsTioga's roof
A few readers posted in ShoutBox about me going up on MsTioga's roof to tilt Mr. Sunny's solar panels.  My going up on the roof has been worried about before.  Some readers believe that it is dangerous for me to go up there.  I guess because I am too old now.

However, I politely disagree.  I believe that it is good for me to go up there.  Yes, I have to be careful while walking on the roof.  But the roof is big.

If I stopped going up on the roof, I believe that soon I would not be able to go up there.  It's good for me to go up the ladder.  It feels good for me to test myself by walking up there.

If ever I get to feel unsafe up on MsTioga's roof, I won't go up there anymore.

1PM - Elk
MsTioga took the Drury Scenic Parkway, an alternate to US #101. The parkway goes thru the redwoods. There is a prairie where elk are supposed to be grazing. We stayed next to that prairie and did not see even one elk!

However, down the road we saw a bunch of elk hanging out in a front yard!