Sunday, August 07, 2011

Gualala nite camp

6AM - Gualala nite camp
MsTioga pulled out of our Gualala Nite Camp early.  As we have written here many times, it is not a good idea to draw attention to our Nite Camps.  So, we left this one early in order to be a good neighbor.

The Town of Gualala folds up early in the evening.  Yesterday evening Gualala was pretty much dead by 8pm.  We could have stayed the nite almost anywhere here and be safe.

We are using a hotel WiFi access point because our Verizon Internet Access is a bit spotty here in Gualala.  This hotel WiFi is secured by a password.  However, yesterday evening we asked the hotel for the password and they gave it up!  Pretty good, huh?

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1PM - South Fork Gualala River
This morning we were looking at our Nite Camp location in the Google Map and noticed Old State Highway going from Highway #1 into the forest.  MsTioga took the turn-off on to Gualala Road because it went closest to the South Fork Gualala River.  Right now we are [here].

The forest is soooooo beautiful here.  The lumber company that owns this property has allowed some old growth trees to remain un-harvested alongside the road.  Perhaps as showcase trees.

MsTioga is camped next to one of these marvelous trees.
An old growth tree