Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harper WiFi

7AM - Harper Ford WiFi
Last nite after going for supper at the Samoa Cookhouse and failing to eat like a lumberjack, we returned to our Nite Camp spot at Harper Ford.  There is a very fast WiFi here.  During the nite using that WiFi, we downloaded "The Notebook", a wonderful love story starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.  There is real chemistry with these two because they were actually romantically involved with each other.

I really enjoyed the part of the movie when these two were young.  However, I was troubled during the parts where these two were staying in a senior home and one of them suffered from severe dementia or Alzheimer's.  That part scares me because I think about that happening to me!

3PM - MsTioga is back on the road!
Cost a bit over $1,000 bucks for this service.  But now I know more about engine coolant and its relationship to galvanic corrosion.  As I wrote before, soon MsTioga will have a radiator cap with a magnesium sacrificial anode attached to it.  I am hoping that with the proper engine coolant and the sacrificial anode, galvanic corrosion will be stopped.

Right now I am treating myself to a Senior Steak and salad bar at the Sizzler here in the City of Eureka!  I'm making this post from Sizzler.  

Partly cloudy