Friday, August 26, 2011


8AM - Beat by the heat!
Yesterday we headed east out of Eureka searching for the sunshine.  We found that sunshine in the Six Rivers National Forest.  We like it out here, except for one thing.  It's forecast to be 97°F today!  Wow!

We are going to stick around here for awhile today to find out how MsTioga and The Team are doing when it starts to get warm.

10AM - Pancake combo
Yesterday when eating breakfast at the Blue Lake Casino, I wanted to order a pancake combination,   The restaurant in the casino offered pancakes, but no combination including eggs and bacon.  Eggs and bacon ordered separately were much too expensive.  However, a lot less expensive than playing 21 after breakfast!.

This morning I am making my own pancake combo inside MsTioga's kitchen.

We have moved into the Town of Willow Creek for awhile in order to be in the Sun for solar charging.  Mr. Sunny is only getting 11 amps at this hour!
Breakfast prepared in MsTioga's kitchen

4PM - Staying in the forest
Well, I guess the heat of the day was OK, because we are still here in the forest.  MsTioga is camped in the same place as last nite.  The temperature is 89°F both inside and outside.  It is pretty shady here in the campground.