Saturday, August 20, 2011

Heating RV

7AM - Heating RV
When MsTioga is camping in a place with an electrical hook-up, we may use MsTioga's forced air heater to raise the temperature.  What to do when electricity is not available and generator use restricted?  What then?

For the past 8.5 years, we on the TiogaRV Team have depended on our Mr. Wave-6 [link] to keep us warm when outside it is sooooo cold!  In the part of California where we have been traveling recently, fog and overcast has been the weather.  Mr. Wave-6 has performed flawlessly.

Right at this moment, Mr. Wave-6 is sitting at our side like a small portable fireplace.  Outside it is 59°F.  But inside it is 73°F.

8AM - Picnic place
There is a picnic place inside Patrick's Point State Park that we like a lot. This place is near the ocean. Many trails wander near here thru the beautiful forest.  Some trails go right down to the ocean!

We left our Nite Camp here in the park and are now at this picnic place. Our camping fee allows us to picnic inside the park on the day before and day after we camp. Pretty neat, huh?
Tioga & George at picnic place

Introducing New Mavicita
A few days ago when Little Mavicita passed on to wherever electronic gadgets go when they stop working, we broke out New Mavicita.  We bought a backup camera awhile back just in case.  I guess we are pretty hard on cameras, because they do not last long after becoming a TiogaRV Team member.

New Mavicita is a Canon PowerShot SX120.  We purchased New Mavicita on April 1, 2010 at Fry's Electronics in Concord, California.  So, New Mavicita has been hanging around as a backup camera for over a year!.

The now-departed Little Mavicita was purchased on March 17, 2009 from the WalMart in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  So, Little Mavicita performed admirably for about 2.5 years.  Not too bad for a $102 dollar camera!

By-the-way:  You may read about all of our TiogaRV Team cameras on our "Tioga and George Team Introduction" page [link].