Saturday, August 06, 2011

High on hog

10AM - Living high on the hog!
I like to reflect on how things have changed for MsTioga and myself as our years drifted by.  We used to be searching for adventure almost every day.  Now, we are content to watch a movie with breakfast and then meander a few miles down the road.

This morning's breakfast was a scrambled egg on wheat toast and a bowl of gorgeous cut-up strawberries.  "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" is our movie [link].
Watching a movie

5PM - Town of Gualala
The drive north on the coast road was gorgeous. The views of the ocean and forest are spectacular. We are now in the Town of Gualala where we will stay the nite.

Little Mavicita captured the pic below which is our view from our Supper Camp.  We are [here] looking down on the Gualala River.  The river's mouth is out of view to the right side of the pic.  Our Nite Camp is a short distance away on a side road that should be quiet for sleeping.
Supper Camp view of the Gualala River