Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hunter Creek

8AM - Hunter Creek
When Tioga and I first began searching for adventure together, we used to go up lots of roads looking for places to Nite Camp. Back in those days, we did not have enough experience to be confident of finding our Nite Camp.  So, we searched all day long for Nite Camps!

In June, 2003, we were traveling in just about the same area where we are right now. While looking for a Nite Camp we turned up tiny Hunter Creek Road. That's when we found Hunter Creek Camp!  You may read about that 2003 day by clicking [here].

Yesterday afternoon we planned to stay at our old Hunter Creek Camp.  However, when we found it, the camp site was all overgrown with trees.  No water in the stream.  It was sort of ugly and we decided not to make our Nite Camp there.

Instead we continued north and made our Nite Camp inside Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park at Mill Creek Campground.

2PM - Jedediah Smith Park
We are now [here] inside the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. You would not believe the amount of traffic that is going thru this place on Highway #199.  MsTioga has to pullover constantly to let the people zooming go by!

We are searching for a nice peaceful forest camp. Do you think that we will find one? Hmmmmmm?
View from bridge above the Smith River

5PM - Panther Flat
MsTioga is Nite Camped at Panther Flat in the Six Rivers National Forest. The Smith River is flowing only a five minute walk from our camp!

Can you name the Six Rivers? Hmmmm? From north to south they are the Smith, Klamath, Trinity, Mad, Van Duzen and Eel.