Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Paid camps

7:30AM - Paid camps
Have you noticed lately that the TiogaRV Team has been staying in paid camps?   But yesterday we drove by several paid campgrounds.  Instead, MsTioga and I went looking for a boondock camp.  And we found one.  That is where we are right now!  I just wanted you to know that we can still find these free camps anytime we want.

Did you know that a bad campground is a lot worse than a bad boondock camp?  A bad campground can squish you in putting your RV only a few feet away from your neighbor who is playing their music for you to hear.

However, there are some things that paid camps have that a boondock or dry camp does not.  Paid camps are easier to find!  Also, you may have the illusion of safety while in a paid camp.  Also neighbors!  You will likely have neighbors with whom to visit.

MsTioga and I sat down together last nite to talk about our recent experience with paid camps. We both agree that a good paid camp can be a great time!

11AM - Near the coast
When we came to the intersection of US #101 and State #1 [Coast Road], we headed toward the Pacific Coast. MsTioga traveled thru the gorgeous forest on a very curvy road which went down, down, down to the Ocean.

We are now [here] at a private picnic area provided by the Medocino Redwoods Company. I am going to prepare a Belgian waffle for breakfast!

4PM - Nite Camp
MsTioga did not feel right about making our Nite Camp in the private picnic area. However, just across the road is a very deep pullout. This place is going to make a very good Nite Camp. There is even a small creek just a few feet away!