Friday, August 12, 2011

Prefer ocean

7AM - Prefer the ocean
Yesterday MsTioga searched for adventure in her trip from Fort Bragg to Willits.  This morning MsTioga is saying, "I really prefer to travel alongside the ocean!"  Wow!

So, this morning we are heading north to do some exploring near the confluence of two rivers.  The Main Eel River and the Middle Fork Eel River.  Then we plan to head toward the Town of Westport which is back on the Pacific Coast.

Do you believe in fortune cookies?  We ate at a Vietnamese restaurant the other day and got a fortune which read, "You are one of the people who goes places in life". Hmmmmm?

Apple MacBook Pro
You may recall my purchase of an Apple MacBook Pro last December.  Since that time I've been using the MacBook to publish the blog and web pages.  However, I also have an HP notebook bought from Fry's Electronics last June.  I've been using the HP mostly to watch movies.

There is no clear reason in my mind for using these two computers this way.  Both computers have the same programs installed.   I am using the Apple MacBook Pro as my main computer simply because it just works better!

I did not have any bias toward either of these computers when I began using them.  However, it soon became abundantly clear to me that the Apple product worked much better than the HP.  This may be like comparing an orange with an apple [pun intended].  Because the Apple cost about three times the HP.

Even the Apple operating system works MUCH better than the Microsoft operating system!  The controls for copying, pasting, etc, on the Mac are much more logical and easier to use.  The trackpad on the Mac works far better than the trackpad on the HP.  I've even stopped using a mouse with the Mac because it is easier for me to just use the trackpad.  This one thing blows me away!

I used to buy my computers mostly based on price alone.  Not anymore.

11AM - 1978 river trip
If you were standing on the Dos Rios bridge over the Main Eel River on May 13th, 1978, you could look down as George and David began their four day river trip. And what an exciting trip it was! Just the two of us out in the wilds of nature!

David paddled a "Tahiti" inflatable kayak.  I used a Sea Eagle inflatable which contained all of our gear and provisions.

Little Mavicita took the pic below from [here].
Confluence Main Eel and Middle Fork Eel Rivers

8PM - Campground
MsTioga and The Team are staying the nite in a campground a bit north of Leggett, California. If you want to see where we are, click on our Nite Camp Location below!

We drove thru some gorgeous forests today filled with many different kinds of trees. We went thru one forest with redwood trees that must have been more than 500 years old!