Thursday, August 11, 2011

River trip

8AM - River trip
I see on the map that the tiny Town of Dos Rios is close to our Fort Bragg Camp.  Dos Rios is where the Middle Fork Eel River joins the Main Eel.  In the spring of 1978, my son David and I did a river trip from Dos Rios to Alderpoint.  This was a 46 mile river trip with a 90 mile shuttle.  We were three days on the river.

David was 13 years old then.  This river trip was to be one of many river adventures we would share together.  We would run the rivers of the Owyhee, Rogue, Stanislaus, Klamath, Mokelumne.  We entered kayak slalom races together.

Running white water rivers together became a big part of our lives.  I really miss being able to talk with David about those days.

11AM - Willits
We are heading out of the City of Fort Bragg to take a trip along the road to Willits. This road goes thru a lot of forest. We should see some rivers on this trip.

As we are leaving Fort Bragg, the sky is overcast with a temperature of 58°F.

1:30PM - Arrived in Willits
All the way from Fort Bragg to Willits we drove thru a fir tree forest. It is gorgeous. Some places the trees were soooooo tall! Midway we passed several California state campgrounds. We drove thru a couple of them. They appear to be free for campers.

MsTioga and I thought that we would see some rivers, but did not see even one!  It is warm here in Willits.  84°F and a clear blue sky.  Right now we are [here].