Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RV design

9AM - RV design
MsTioga and I think about RV design a lot.  MsTioga agrees that she is just about perfect.  However, there are a few things that both of us feel would improve our floor plan.

  • Rotating driver and passenger seats:  The driver and passenger seats are not usable when MsTioga is camping.  If these seats rotated, they could take the place of the two seats opposite our dining table.
  • Eliminate computer workstation:  In 2003 we replaced one of MsTioga's twin beds with a computer workstation.  The workstation accommodated a full size computer.  With the advent of the modern notebook computer, we hardly use the workstation anymore. 

MsTioga and I are not thinking about buying a new MsTioga. We love things the way they are!   However, with these changes we could be about 25 feet long knocking off 2 feet in length.

By the way, we are Morning Camped [here] near the Ocean again.

3PM - Sleeping in a vehicle
An email arrived from a reader asking how I deal with "no sleeping/camping in a vehicle" laws.   Well, I really do not pay too much attention to them.  Also, I believe that the real question is, what to do when police try to enforce such a law.

When police knock on MsTioga's door while I am camping I am very polite.  I never argue.  If it is during the nite, I talk to the police thru MsTioga's window.  If the police ask me to exit my vehicle, I do it [even if I am wearing pajamas!].  If police ever ask permission to search MsTioga, I would never consent to such a search. I have offered to move if a police officer is aggressive.

Have you read MsTioga Magazine's "Nite Camping Information"? [link]