Tuesday, August 16, 2011


6AM - Scotia Nite Camp
Yesterday during the late afternoon, MsTioga arrived in the Town of Scotia.  We went into Hoby's Grocery and asked permission to stay the nite in their parking lot.  Permission was granted!

Do you know about the Town of Scotia?  It is the home of the famous Pacific Lumber Company!  The company was known as PL by the locals.  PL built a company town with affordable housing and a ton more of amenities good for the people.  PL instituted a progressive policy to protect the forest and insure positive cash flow.  By the 1980s, PL had no debt but it also had low annual profits.  Unfortunately PL decided to go public and in only a few years its stock was purchased in a hostile takeover.  A wonderful company was lost!

You may read about Pacific Lumber Company [here].

8AM - Rockefeller Forest
MsTioga and The Team have decided to double back on our path north. We are going south in order to explore the Rockefeller Forest, the largest remaining contiguous old-growth redwood forest in the world!

We will begin at the interesection of Mattole Road and US Highway #101.

10AM - Little Mavicita down!
Nobody can figure it out.  All of Little Mavicita's pics come out over exposed.  Even in manual at the darkest setting, it is over exposed.  What a shame!

By the way, we are We are now [here] and still able to be online!

11AM - Little Mavicita's backup!
Did you know that Little Mavicita has a backup camera?  The backup is also a Canon PowerShot but a model SX120.  Here is the new Little Mavicita's first pic.  It's a pano-pic showing MsTioga surrounded by giant redwoods!
MsTioga in Bull Creek State Wilderness

1PM - Albee Creek Campground
MsTioga and The Team have made a Nite Camp. We are now [here]. in the lovely Albee Creek Campground.  Sparkly Albee Creek flows just a few feet away from MsTioga.  The sound of the water is wonderful.