Sunday, August 28, 2011

Which road

8AM - Which road?
A couple of days ago we went east.  Then yesterday we went west over the same road.  This morning George was looking at a paper map of California.

MsTioga asked, "What are you doing?"
George said, "Figuring out which road to take".
MsTioga asked, "Where do you want to go?"
George replied, "I don't know".
MsTioga asked, "How will you know when you get there?"
George replied, "Our Nite Camp will be there".

11AM - Slow
MsTioga is moving south along Avenue of the Giants.  We are moving pretty slow.  A young man on a bicycle passed us up awhile back, and we have not caught up with him yet.

If there is anyplace to move slowly,  the redwood forest and Avenue of the Giants is that place.

We are now [here].

2PM - Eel River
MsTioga took a dirt road down to the Dyerville Bar on the Eel River. We had the thought of Nite Camping here. However, the wind is gusty and for MsTioga, this is not pleasant. So, we are moving on.

Our map location on the Dyerville Bar is [here].  We are the "green" arrow.  The bridge downriver is for the railroad.
MsTioga on Dyerville Bar

3PM - Albee Creek again!
If you click on our Nite Camp Location below, you may be surprised to see that the TiogaRV Team is back at Albee Creek once again.  How could we resist driving thru the Rockefeller Forest once again?  And camping here too!

Do you remember seeing the video of our drive thru Rockefeller Forest when we were here before?