Friday, September 30, 2011

Olden days

10AM - The olden days!
Uncle Seymour is the only person left with whom I may talk about the olden days when we were both involved with the metal goods manufacturing business.  We talk about the huge presses we bought.  And about the problems resolved with cracked cranks.  We picture together the jobs that were run thru these large punch presses. This was back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Seymour's  best times were when he took on the production of mop presses for Continental Manufacturing in 1965.  My big achievement was the government contract to produce parts for the 101mm Howizter shells back in 1970.

When guys get on in years, talking about the olden days brings back to mind the esteem of our younger times.

Partly cloudy

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Senior decisions

12 Noon - Senior decisions
I am very late today in making my first blog post.  For much of this morning my Uncle Seymour and I have been having a conversation about decisions that confront us when we are older.  I am calling these, "Senior decisions".

I am by no means an expert in Senior Decision making.  I have argued with myself whether to plan my future or just simply let my future happen.  You see, I believe that the very act of planning changes everything.  And on what basis should plans be made?  Since I do not know my future, then Senior Decision making is planning without really knowing what is going occur.  This seems to me to make no sense at all.  Yet, that is exactly what most seniors do!

I guess that you would characterize me as a senior who lives a very risky existence.  I have not made any plans to live in a senior home if I should become incapacitated.  Instead, I am trusting to luck that I will just up and die someday.  I have chosen to not burden myself with the "what-ifs" that might happen if I am unable to take care of myself.
Seymour, George, MsTioga



No Nite Camp location today.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3000 posts

9AM - 3001 posts
Today's blog will mark the 3,001st Tioga and George blog post.  That's a lot of posts!  MsTioga and I have traveled a long way together.  But today we find ourselves not too far away from where we began.

The pic below shows the railroad bridge over the campground.
MsTioga in Gaviota State Campground

12 Noon - Visiting in Santa Barbara
We are near the home of my Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley. We always stop and visit. There is a nice big yard for MsTioga to park.

By the way, have you noticed that the temperature that we show has been getting warmer as MsTioga has moved south?



No Nite Camp location today.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why stop

9AM - Why stop?
MsTioga and I are traveling a route right now that we have traveled many times before.  We are back in Lompoc again.  We could go into our blog's archives and read about when we first arrived in the Town of Lompoc.  And we could read in those archives about each time we returned to Lompoc again.

There is no doubt that the excitement that we had in prior years is diminished now.  We no longer explore as much as we used to do.  So what should we make of this understanding?  Should we consider stopping our traveling.  Just stay in one place and accept our fate?

MsTioga and I say, "No!"   We are not going to stop!  We are vagabonds and enjoy our lives most while moving down the road.  And we will continue to do just that as long as we are able!

11AM - Solvang for pancakes
We are in the Town of Solvang so that I may get Swedish pancakes for breakfast!  The pancakes arrived big and thin.  What makes them Swedish?

3PM - Gaviota State Beach
MsTioga and The Team have made their Nite Camp at Gaviota State Beach. Did you know that seagull in Spanish is Gaviota?

There are about six other RVs camping at Gaviota.  All of these RVs appear to be owned by seniors.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Low cost

8AM - Low cost living
MsTioga and I were chatting this morning about staying in this large RV Campground where we now find ourselves.  It's pretty nice here.   MsTioga is only a short walk from lovely ocean views.  The rent is not terribly expensive either.  $43 which includes electricity and an extremely fast WiFi!  MsTioga and I understand why people stay here.

This does not mean that we are changing completely the way we Nite Camp.  No!  It just means that RV Campgrounds are now clearly on our radar screen..

10AM - Washing in Guadalupe
We spotted a quiet park a bit off Highway #1 in the Town of Guadalupe and pulled off to make a Morning Camp.  After washing the front half of MsTioga, it was time for breakfast.  Strawberries, cottage cheese and a glass of orange juice.

We believe that most people living in the Town of Guadalupe earn their living by working in the fields.  This morning MsTioga drove passed many farms.  We saw hundreds of cars parked along the highway driven there by workers who pick the crops and tend the fields.

We are now [here].
Tioga & George in Guadalupe

4PM - Lompoc Nite Camp
We have made our Nite Camp in the southwest part of the City of Lompoc. MsTioga is in a residential/commercial neighborhood.

Although we have been staying more lately in RV Campgrounds, our total expense for rent in the month of September is only $258.  This amount is rent for seven nites.

Clear sky

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sound silence

7AM - Sound of silence
When I went to bed last nite, all that could be heard was the sound of silence.  It is so quiet up here in the  primitive campground section San Simeon State Park.  I could easily come to love that sound and be addicted to it!

2PM - What a difference!
MsTioga is staying for the nite in the Town of Pismo Beach in an enormous RV campground called, "Pacific Coast Village".

It's weird when we recall how we demeaned places like this during past years.  But, things change and we believe that we have changed as well!
Tioga and George in an RV Campground!


Saturday, September 24, 2011


12 Noon - Overcast and no WiFi
We headed out from our Nite Camp at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park at 7am.  For a few hours MsTioga was driving thru very low clouds.  Even when we could hear the Ocean's waves, we could not see the water!  Wow!

Also, our tiny Verizon Modem was not able to tune into the internet.  We don't know why?  We kept trying about every half hour to go online.  Nothing!

Now we are close to the Town of Cambria and for the first time today, Verizon found the internet.
Pic showing overcast south of Big Sur

3PM - Washburn Primitive Campground
We get a kick out of the name of this place! "Washburn Primitive Campground!" Washburn is part of Hearst San Simeon State Park. And it really is NOT that primitive. It is pretty quiet here though.

The non-primitive part of the camp costs $35/nite. With my senior discount, Washburn cost only $18 bucks! Pretty good, huh?

As you may have guessed, Tioga and I are staying here tonite.
Tioga and George in Washburn

Heavy overcast

Friday, September 23, 2011


8AM - My future
How different my future turned out to be.  Back in the 1960s, I lived in an adorable home in Monterey Park, California.  I had two sons, one born in 1964 and the other in 1967.   I knew then that I would be married forever.  No divorce for me.  I pictured my family moving to a grand home, in a gorgeous neighborhood in West Los Angeles.

It is incredible to picture myself back in the 1960s actually sitting down to contemplate my future.  Now I am pretty sure that there is no way that I could even have a clue what my future holds for me.  And as I have written here before, I don't want to know my future either.

All I want for myself today is to feel MsTioga's wheels rolling down the road at her favorite slow speed of 40 miles per hour.  Hardly any traffic around us.   The Pacific Ocean in our view.

9AM - Sacrificial anode
I had to take a peek this morning at the magnesium sacrificial anode that I wrote to you about before. Remember that this anode is attached to MsTioga's new radiator cap by a cable. The anode is down in the engine coolant.

As soon as I saw the anode, I knew that it was doing its job.  There is greenish stuff on the exposed anode surfaces.  A sure sign of electrolysis.  The stray electric current flowing thru MsTioga's engine coolant is no longer attacking aluminum engine components.  These currents are only attacking this magnesium anode!

3PM - Pfeiffer Big Sur
MsTioga has made her Nite Camp in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Campground. We have passed thru Big Sur many times and never stayed in this campground before. The gently flowing Big Sur River flows a short distance away.

The site of our Camp is mostly an oak tree forest. There are some places in the campground with lovely redwoods.

Partly cloudy

Thursday, September 22, 2011


7AM - Heading south
MsTioga and The Team have spent several days in the City of Santa Cruz.  But we are vagabonds!  It is time for us to be on the road again, searching for adventure!

You may know that some of my family members have asked that they not be written about in my blog.  I have agreed to what they asked.  However, I do not believe that I will be breaking trust when I tell you that I have spent quite a bit of time with one of my family members here in Santa Cruz.  And I am soooooo happy about that!

11AM - Flu shot
I've seen publicity about getting flu shots quite a bit lately. On the internet there are lots of news posts about them. At nearly all of the drug stores, there are signs offering flu shots. So, I decided to get my flu shot today.

Guess what? Medicare paid for the shot. I did not pay anything!

5PM - Nite Camped in Seaside
We have made our Nite Camp in the City of Seaside. MsTioga is in a commercial neighborhood. Her Camp is surrounded by auto dealers.

We looked around for a good open WiFi.  Found a bunch, but they were really slow.  We are fussy about our WiFi connections!