Thursday, September 08, 2011

Battery check

9AM - Battery check
Mr. Sunny's battery bank has not been charging to the to the same voltage as when the batteries were new. We bought these Crown deep cycle batteries on December 1, 2007 [link].  Back then on a sunny day the voltage would charge up to 14.3 volts every day and sometimes to the Crown specified 14.4 volts.  According to our TriMetric meter, it has been 105 days since the battery has charged up this high.  Lately 13.8 has been high voltage.

This morning we performed a hydrometer specific-gravity test. A 1250 to 1300 specific gravity is good. Most of the battery bank tested at 1250. However, three cells tested at 1225.

We are still getting acceptable service from the battery bank, perhaps because we don't put too large a demand for electricity.  However, a new battery bank is now on the radar screen.

Tioga and George at Bodega Bay

5PM - Town of Olema
We are staying the nite in the Town of Olema.  We cannot recall Nite Camping here before.  You may view our location by using the Nite Camp Location link below.

Partly cloudy