Monday, September 12, 2011


8AM - Changing direction
Yesterday afternoon after picking up David's ashes from his Mom, MsTioga headed for the mountains to do the scattering.  When we reached the City of Livermore, we made a Nite Camp there.

However, last nite I got to thinking about going to the mountains.  It came to me that I really did not want to return there.  What I wanted to do was to be heading south.  So, this morning after the commute traffic dies down, we will be heading to the Pacific Coast and Half Moon Bay.

It is not important to me where the scattering takes place.  We all eventually return to the earth.  And I will find a nice place for David's scattering somewhere along the way.

9AM - Whoops!
When I received email this morning, a message arrived from Americas Mailbox.  They sent a package with my mail to the home of David's Mom!  I had forgotten all about that package.  So, I will be hanging around here for a bit.  I think that the package will arrive this afternoon.