Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flower seeds

8AM - Flower seeds
Yesterday afternoon when I opened the canister containing my Son David's ashes, I found the flower seeds that I'd bought last year.  A friend had suggested that flower seeds be scattered at the same site that David's ashes are scattered.  I thought this to be a great idea!

A very large tree grows next to the cliff along West Cliff Avenue.  I sat on a big tree root growing above the ground and handful by handful, cast the ashes of my Son down into the water and rocks below.  Then opening the packets containing blue and scarlet flax and California orange poppy seeds, cast those flower seeds on the ground around this site.

Someday I hope to return here to see this place covered with flowers.

PS: If David had lived, today would have been his 47th birthday.
David's scattering place