Saturday, September 03, 2011

Fort Bragg

7:30AM - Fort Bragg
The TiogaRV Team likes Fort Bragg, California.  There are hardly any "No Parking" signs here!  Fort Bragg seems to be a tolerant town.  MsTioga is able to make her Nite Camp almost anyplace here in Fort Bragg.  And there is plenty of free WiFi too!

Street people
We come across street people a lot on our travels.  We mostly live on the streets ourselves.  So, we see people who are down and out easily.  Fort Bragg seems to be a supportive place for street people.  However, I've read posted notices here advising NOT to give money to panhandlers.

According to these notices, Fort Bragg has programs in place to help street people. The notices ask for donations to be given to these programs, instead of to the panhandlers. The notices advise that a donation to a panhandler helps the person for a day. But a donation to a program helps a person get back on their feet again!