Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fort Bragg2

7AM - Heading out of Fort Bragg
We had a Team Meeting this morning where it was decided to head south out of Fort Bragg.  MsTioga arrived here during the afternoon of September 1st.  This means that we've had five Nite Camps in Fort Bragg.  We mentioned before that this town does not appear to use No Parking signs to control RVs.  A very rare thing!

MsTioga and The Team will be searching for adventure along Highway #1, also called "Shoreline Highway".  We are not in a hurry and really have no immediate destination.  At the meeting this morning New Mavicita excitedly asked "Where are we going?", MsTioga wisely replied, "Wherever we'll be, we'll be!".

9AM - Hot shower
We are still at our Nite Camp site.  I needed to clean myself up a bit and used MsTioga's shower to do it.  Interestingly, the idea of staying in a hotel popped into my head.  While it is not too hard to shower inside MsTioga, it is not easy either.  So much more luxurious soaking in a hotel bath tub! Such thoughts have been popping up more in my head in recent months.

Before leaving Fort Bragg, I want to get a buzz-cut.  It is much more comfortable when my hair is really short.  I always tell the hair cut person to use a #3 comb on their electric shaver and make it the same length all over my head.

Also, I want to eat breakfast in Fort Bragg before leaving here.  There are two places that have good reputations for breakfast. One is "Eggheads" and the other is "Fort Bragg Steak House".

3PM - Town of Gualala
MsTioga traveled 57 miles and now we are in the Town of Gualala. All the while on the road today we were in patchy fog. Every so often we could see a little bit of blue sky inland. Right now in Gualala the sky is totally overcast.

We on the TiogaRV Team don't mind this weather. We like when it is cool!  Somehow thru the fog and overcast sky, Mr. Sunny was able to re-charge his battery bank without any help from Little Honda!

Right now we are parked [here].