Friday, September 23, 2011


8AM - My future
How different my future turned out to be.  Back in the 1960s, I lived in an adorable home in Monterey Park, California.  I had two sons, one born in 1964 and the other in 1967.   I knew then that I would be married forever.  No divorce for me.  I pictured my family moving to a grand home, in a gorgeous neighborhood in West Los Angeles.

It is incredible to picture myself back in the 1960s actually sitting down to contemplate my future.  Now I am pretty sure that there is no way that I could even have a clue what my future holds for me.  And as I have written here before, I don't want to know my future either.

All I want for myself today is to feel MsTioga's wheels rolling down the road at her favorite slow speed of 40 miles per hour.  Hardly any traffic around us.   The Pacific Ocean in our view.

9AM - Sacrificial anode
I had to take a peek this morning at the magnesium sacrificial anode that I wrote to you about before. Remember that this anode is attached to MsTioga's new radiator cap by a cable. The anode is down in the engine coolant.

As soon as I saw the anode, I knew that it was doing its job.  There is greenish stuff on the exposed anode surfaces.  A sure sign of electrolysis.  The stray electric current flowing thru MsTioga's engine coolant is no longer attacking aluminum engine components.  These currents are only attacking this magnesium anode!

3PM - Pfeiffer Big Sur
MsTioga has made her Nite Camp in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Campground. We have passed thru Big Sur many times and never stayed in this campground before. The gently flowing Big Sur River flows a short distance away.

The site of our Camp is mostly an oak tree forest. There are some places in the campground with lovely redwoods.

Partly cloudy