Monday, September 26, 2011

Low cost

8AM - Low cost living
MsTioga and I were chatting this morning about staying in this large RV Campground where we now find ourselves.  It's pretty nice here.   MsTioga is only a short walk from lovely ocean views.  The rent is not terribly expensive either.  $43 which includes electricity and an extremely fast WiFi!  MsTioga and I understand why people stay here.

This does not mean that we are changing completely the way we Nite Camp.  No!  It just means that RV Campgrounds are now clearly on our radar screen..

10AM - Washing in Guadalupe
We spotted a quiet park a bit off Highway #1 in the Town of Guadalupe and pulled off to make a Morning Camp.  After washing the front half of MsTioga, it was time for breakfast.  Strawberries, cottage cheese and a glass of orange juice.

We believe that most people living in the Town of Guadalupe earn their living by working in the fields.  This morning MsTioga drove passed many farms.  We saw hundreds of cars parked along the highway driven there by workers who pick the crops and tend the fields.

We are now [here].
Tioga & George in Guadalupe

4PM - Lompoc Nite Camp
We have made our Nite Camp in the southwest part of the City of Lompoc. MsTioga is in a residential/commercial neighborhood.

Although we have been staying more lately in RV Campgrounds, our total expense for rent in the month of September is only $258.  This amount is rent for seven nites.

Clear sky