Sunday, September 04, 2011

Mendocino coast

9AM - Not long ago
As you may know I am fascinated by history.  A few weeks back I bought a book, "Logging the Redwoods" which got me interested in the history of this place which I am exploring.  Not long ago the area around Fort Bragg was remote and inaccessible.  Native Americans of the Pomo tribe lived here sustaining themselves by hunting and gathering.  In order to contain the Pomo tribe, the Mendocino Indian Reservation was created on 25,000 acres.

In 1857 a military post was established here named after Captain Braxton Bragg, a United States Army officer.   Only two years later this post was evacuated and the land of the reservation offered to settlers for 25 cents per acre.  This bargain price caught the attention of Charles Russell Johnson who would become the founder of huge Union Lumber Company.  In the early 1880s, CR as he was called was in his early 20s and began buying this land.

When the City of San Francisco began to grow, a demand for lumber was created.  The mighty redwood trees filled that demand.  In the beginning logs were hauled along the ground to mill sites.  Then by wagon.  And then by railroad.  Passenger trains carried people here.

When MsTioga and I are wandering around the Mendocino area, we imagine how it must have been then.  Back in the days before the loggers arrived and the Pomo people were all who lived here.

5PM - Little Honda
Because it has been overcast all day with very little sun shining, Mr. Sunny's solar panels have been unable to give our battery bank a complete charge.

We have moved to a place down the street from our Nite Camp. Here we are away from most houses. In this location we feel that running Little Honda generator for an hour will not draw much unwelcome attention.

7PM - Something of interest!
An email arrived this afternoon from a reader which contained a curious question.  This reader wondered why I posted in my blog every day?  "Sometimes nothing of interest happens to you.", she wrote.  "Why don't you just not write in your blog on days like this?"

This is a very good question. The answer is that I decided a long time ago that each one of my days is special. Back then I determined to share what is special to me about each day with my readers.

I have read in other blogs things like, "Nothing much happened today." I have never written such a thing as this in my blog because it would be untrue!

PS:  In a few days our blog will pass 3,000 posts.  Wow!  Double wow with sugar on it!