Wednesday, September 07, 2011


8AM - Movies
About a year ago, Ryan Reynolds became one of my favorite actors.   I believe that I've viewed nearly all of Reynold's movies.  Yesterday I began to view a 2010 movie that starred Ryan Reynolds titled, "Buried".  This is the story about a truck driver working in Iraq.  After an attack by a group of Iraqis, he wakes up to find that he has been buried alive inside a coffin.

I only watched about a minute of this movie.  The movie begins showing this guy buried, pounding and screaming while inside the coffin.  I jumped up and began nervously pacing up and down inside MsTioga.  The movie made me feel crazy.  I felt like I was in a panic!  I turned the movie off!

I will NEVER watch even one second of this movie again because it made me feel sooooooo scared!

8:30AM - Foggy or overcast
Lately the weather where MsTioga is traveling has been foggy or overcast. Not since MsTioga and I first got together in 2003, can we remember such weather as this. You know that we love T-shirt and short pants weather. However, we seem to be out of sync. We are not anywhere near the right location, weather-wise!

We have scanned online weather and do not seem to find anyplace that has perfect weather. Well, we did notice that the weather in Tequisquiapan, Mexico is pretty nice.

5PM - Bodega Bay
MsTioga traveled the 46 miles from Gualala to Bodega Bay in only four hours.  The fog followed us for the entire trip.  For awhile, Shoreline Highway went high into the coastal hills and we were able to look down at the enormous fog bank which completely covered the Pacific Ocean all the way to the horizon!

We are staying in the Porto Bodega RV Park in Bodega Bay.