Saturday, September 10, 2011


8AM - Police knocked
During the middle of last nite, two Sausalito policemen knocked on MsTioga's door.  We were not rousted. We were only advised that we could not permanently occupy this space.  MsTioga and I were somewhat shocked by this police attitude.  And, we are wondering what could have caused this lenient policy?

We asked these policemen about the building that is shown in the Google Map with several police black-and-white cars in the parking lot. That building is no longer present. These policemen told that the Sausalito police station used to occupy this building. Sausalito built a new police station and the old one was torn down.

9AM - Haves and have nots
I must have written before about observations of poor people living out on the road.  I don't remember for sure.  But there seems to be a lot more road people now than in years past.

MsTioga and I don't have a lot of $dough.  But compared to these road people we feel pretty darn wealthy!  We have are own toilet, shower, kitchen, bed.  Yesterday while walking around the area of our Nite Camp, we spotted a guy making wee-wee on the ground.  We are zillionaires compared to him.

On the other hand, we see tons of people along our travels who are doing really good.  When we go shopping, the stores appear to be filled with buyers.

Patchy fog