Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Radiator cap2

8AM - New radiator cap
This morning MsTioga installed her new radiator cap.  This is a special radiator cap.  As you may see in the pic below, the cap has a device attached it.  Inside the yellow plastic holder is a magnesium sacrificial anode.

This sacrificial anode should stop engine and cooling system damage from electrolytic activity.  The life of all the aluminum components of MsTioga's engine will be extended by the anode.  This includes: heads, intake manifolds, water pumps, radiator and heater cores, etc.

Instead of the engine's aluminum components being attacked by electrolysis, only the sacrificial anode will be attacked.  We will be monitoring the condition of this anode and reporting to you what is found.  The worse it looks, the more protection the anode is providing!
Rad Cap with sacrificial anode

MsTioga's engine component failures
Over the 8+ years of our travels together, MsTioga has suffered many failures of her engine components.  For example, we have had to replace several water pumps.  All of these water pumps are made of cast aluminum.  We have seen with our own eyes how these water pumps appeared to be "eaten away" inside and as a result, began to leak.

MsTioga has replaced several heater cores because they just began to leak.  Radiators too, although the present radiator appears to have a brass instead of an aluminum core..

If this new radiator cap with its magnesium sacrificial anode works for us, the low cost of maintaining this radiator cap should prove to be a marvelous investment!
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