Friday, September 16, 2011

Sacrificial anode

8AM - Sacrificial anode
The term "sacrificial anode" may sound really strange to you.  I never heard of it until recently.  I wrote in a prior blog post about MsTioga suffering several repeated engine component failures.  These failures happened with the water pump, radiator and heater core.  Maybe other components as well.

Some mechanics told me that electrolysis was the culprit.  I tried flushing the engine coolant, searching for missing grounds, etc.  Several mechanics tried to help, including a few Ford dealers.  I have given up on these methods!

Now I am using a sacrificial magnesium anode that is attached to my new radiator cap to resolve electrolysis issues.  Instead of engine components being attacked by electrolysis now, the magnesium sacrificial anode will be attacked.

I bought my new radiator cap from [here].

10AM - Mexico?
We get a lot of questions about Mexico.  Is MsTioga going back to Mexico?  Is Mexico safe?

The answer to both questions is:  "Yes".  And also "Maybe".

First off, I am really satisfied with my recent travels in the USA.  In prior years [when I was younger], I was driven to explore.  I have been all over the western USA and most of Mexico.  I find now that it is OK to just hang out.  With no particular destination in mind!   MsTioga is going down to San Diego.  When we are there, we will think about Mexico.

About safety in Mexico.  For some reason that I do not understand, our US State Department issues travel warnings about Mexico that seem to me to be greatly exaggerated.  So, I do not pay much attention to these travel warnings.

Come to think about it, I am more concerned about traveling in Los Angeles County than in Mexico!

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