Thursday, September 15, 2011

Santa Cruz3

9AM - Santa Cruz
Little by little lately, we have been moving south.  This morning MsTioga is heading out of the Town of Half Moon Bay and is bound for Santa Cruz.

A few readers have wondered if MsTioga and The Team will be returning to Mexico for the winter.  Well, it certainly seems that Mexico is on our radar screen.  But for now, just moving south is enough.

4PM - Swell day
This has been a really nice swell day!  Reader Dave, a fellow RVer, knocked on MsTioga's door this morning and I went out for breakfast with him.  Then we drove to Santa Cruz where the sun is out.  Mr. Sunny's battery bank is charged.

There is a very fast WiFi access point that we know about in Santa Cruz.  Good for watching a movie!  Wow!

Blue sky