Thursday, September 29, 2011

Senior decisions

12 Noon - Senior decisions
I am very late today in making my first blog post.  For much of this morning my Uncle Seymour and I have been having a conversation about decisions that confront us when we are older.  I am calling these, "Senior decisions".

I am by no means an expert in Senior Decision making.  I have argued with myself whether to plan my future or just simply let my future happen.  You see, I believe that the very act of planning changes everything.  And on what basis should plans be made?  Since I do not know my future, then Senior Decision making is planning without really knowing what is going occur.  This seems to me to make no sense at all.  Yet, that is exactly what most seniors do!

I guess that you would characterize me as a senior who lives a very risky existence.  I have not made any plans to live in a senior home if I should become incapacitated.  Instead, I am trusting to luck that I will just up and die someday.  I have chosen to not burden myself with the "what-ifs" that might happen if I am unable to take care of myself.
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