Thursday, September 01, 2011


7AM - Shoreline Highway
MsTioga pulled out of her Nite Camp across from the Mendicino Redwoods picnic area and headed out on the very curvy forest road.  Soon the Pacific Ocean came into view.  We are now traveling on the Shoreline Highway section of State Hwy #1.

Right now we have stopped next to Westport Union State Beach.  Camping is allowed here. We counted about 10 RVs camped for the nite.  It costs $25/nite for an RV to stay here.

We can hear the power of the mighty Pacific Ocean pounding in!
Misty morning at the mighty Pacific!

2PM - Belgian waffle secrets!
Are you interested to know how we prepared Belgian waffles in MsTioga's kitchen?   Hmmmmm?  We have been working on perfecting our Belgian waffle skills for over 30 years.  And, we are sharing with you now what we learned .

Our waffle maker is similar to this one sold at [link].  Very important for the waffle batter to be right.  We use Aunt Jemima Original which requires the addition of egg, milk and oil to the batter.  The batter must be sort of runny, but not too runny.

Never put ANY oil or shortening on the waffle maker!  The waffle maker must be hot and uniformly heated before the batter is poured in.  Be very careful that the batter fills the waffle maker but that it does NOT overfill.  Immediately after pouring in the batter, turn the waffle maker over.

Every couple of minutes, turn the waffle maker.  It will take several minutes for the waffle to turn brown using a medium flame.  When you think that the waffle is ready, gently open the waffle iron a tiny amount and pry with a fork to see if the waffle will come loose.  If waffle is sticking, continue to bake.  Trying to open too early will result in the waffle splitting in half and remaining stuck in the iron.

Maybe I should make a video showing how to prepare a waffle?  Hmmmmm?