Sunday, September 18, 2011

Steamer Lane

8AM - Steamer Lane
We are [here] above the famous surfing spot called, "Steamer Lane!".  The Sun is up over the City of Santa Cruz.  A rarity these past days.  The breezes have moved a big fog bank out into the bay, near the horizon.  That is why the Sun is shining!

We on the TiogaRV Team plan to spend the morning at this scenic spot.  Watching the surfers, the walkers, the runners. Eating breakfast and having a good time!

3PM - A whole year
It is amazing! A whole year has passed since that Sunday in September when David went to the Greek Festival in the City of Concord with his Mom. The events of that afternoon led to David's decision to take his life.

What is left of David is in the can that you see on the far right in the pic below. David's hat sits on top of the can.

If David is able to see this pic, I hope that he feels the love that I have for him. David wrote in his note to all his loved ones that, "It will all work out."   And it has!
George inside MsTioga. David in the can.