Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Uncle Joe pics

8AM - Uncle Joe's pics
You may recall sometime back I was lamenting that there was nobody in my family who wanted Uncle Joe's pics.  My mother's brother is Uncle Joe.  He was the family photographer and took a zillion pics that were on 35mm slides.  I gave all of those slide pics to my son David.  After David died, something had to be done with those pics!

My nephew Steve wrote me an email reminding me that he and his family are interested in Uncle Joe's pics.  So, I sent the entire batch of 35mm slides off to "Scan Cafe" and had them digitized.  When the order for digitizing was complete, the box containing the slides and DVDs with the images was shipped to the home of David's mom.  I picked up that box a couple of days ago.

This morning I copied all the pics from the DVD discs to my computer and began to view the images.  I was surprised to find that most of the images are not of the family.  Just random pics that Uncle Joe took of scenes or events.  But there are plenty of pics of family.  I am going to transfer these family pics to a travel drive and send them off to Nephew Steve.

Important things
This event with Uncle Joe's pics has got me to thinking about important things.  I've heard people say that if their house caught fire, that the things that they would want most saved from burning would be family pictures.    I used to believe that too.  But actually the important thing is to be able to share those pics with loved ones.

2PM - Half Moon Bay
We are staying the nite in Half Moon Bay.  On the way here, MsTioga crossed the San Mateo Bridge. Travelling on this 7 mile long bridge gives perspective how very huge is San Francisco Bay.  A few days ago while at the Point Reyes Visitor's Center, we read about the history of San Francisco Bay.

Did you know that it was almost 200 years after Sir Francis Drake explored the coast of Northern California in 1579 before the entrance to San Francisco Bay was located  by European explorers?

I can only imagine the peacefulness of this place before the Europeans arrived!  The Ohlone people had lived here probably undisturbed for over a 1000 years and then came Spanish soldiers and missionaries.   What a bummer that must have been!
Google Earth view of San Francisco Bay
Showing the San Mateo Bridge