Saturday, September 17, 2011


11AM - Watsonville
We are a little late in making our first blog post this morning.  The sky over Santa Cruz was very grey low clouds.  So, we decided to go take a day trip to find the Sun!

We ended up in the sunny City of Watsonville are now [here] right now.  MsTioga parked in a shopping center so that we could go online and make this post to you.  The plan is to look around Watsonville for awhile, then later this afternoon head back to Santa Cruz.

1PM - Regrets
I suppose that many of us have regrets.  I have huge regrets about the father that I was to my sons when they were young children.  Even when my sons got older, I was not the father to them that I would have liked to have been.

When my son David opened up a computer store in Walnut Creek in 1984, I did not give him the support that I could have given.  I do not understand why I behaved that way.  But I did.

Last nite and this morning I was thinking about 1984.  There is nothing that I can do about what happened those many years ago.  I must simply accept the way I was back then.  And be thankful for the person that I have become now.